A Fast Diagnostic Symptom Checker App

Symptomia is a medical diagnostic tool that is based on the needs of medical students and professionals. It is an app that allows quick access to medical information based on the most common symptoms - useful both at the hospital bedside and in the ambulatory.

Main Features:

  • Fast Symptomatic Interface
  • Expanded, Modern Medical Information
  • Especially Made for Medical Students and Young Doctors
  • Written to Augment Doctor-Patient Communication
  • Fast Search
  • Bookmarking Feature

A Useful Aid for Diagnosis
Symptomia was developed to aid in the medical diagnosis process by offering a fast, easy-to-use, and always-available source of selected medical information.

Emphasis on Patients
Symptomia is a diagnostic aid that is based on the needs of medical students during their clerkship years and young doctors during their specialty training. They need quick access to medical information built-up around patients' complaints at the hospital bedside and the ambulatory.

Emphasis on Symptoms
Symptomia places emphasis on symptoms because people seek medical advice based on observed symptoms. For the doctor, the diagnostic process also begins with observables. As a patient's illness is always to some extent uncertain, a diagnostic hypothesis must frequently consider multiple diseases or syndromes.

Facilitating Diagnosis
In recent years, flowcharts and algorithms have been widely introduced as aids in problem solving. They typically consist of a single entry point, such as a symptom or a lab result. Diagnostic logic then suggests a possible clinical diagnosis. The flowchart method falters however, when a patient manifests multiple problems or diseases.

The diagnostic process is an iterative one that involves gathering data and making decisions about their diagnostic significance. This problem-solving process can be facilitated by additional medical information, especially if the information is readily available. This is where Symptomia helps.

For example, if a patient has a sudden, extremely severe headache, the symptoms might indicate the possibility of a brain haemorrhage, migraine, cluster headache, or meningitis. Additional information supplied by Symptomia can help in establishing a diagnostic possibility.

Professional Problem-Solving
Symptomia has been developed as a tool to supply pertinent information about a variety of possible disorders that a given symptom can suggest. The diagnosis is left in the hands of professionals. With fast access to an expanded up-to-date medical reference, the app has a fast user interface to aid in the process of differential diagnosis. With only two taps on the screen, the most commonly observed medical symptoms and their relevant information can be reached.

Symptomia has a bookmarking feature so that saved entries are even quicker to reach the next time. There is also a fast search function to quickly find a medical topic by name.

Symptomia is written in a language that augments doctor-patient communication.

Medical text is written and edited by Dr. Andrzej Wojtczak, MD, PhD, MDSc. He is a professor of medicine and public health, former chariman of a clinical department of medicine, editor of medical textbooks of internal medicine, devoted academic teacher and a long-term expert and senior staff member of the World Health Organization.